Some More Listener Testimonials


Hello - I have had the pleasure of listening to/watching the videos that you have on the web. I would love to be able to play this music on either or both of my stereo or my TV. So the question is: Do you have available for sale actual dvd's or cd's of the concerts? I am especially thrilled by the duets.

Thank you very much for sharing this beauty.

Jonathan Simon
Department of Mathematics
(and grandson of a part-time NY Chazzan in the 40's-50's named Simcha Goldman)



Congratulations! I just came upon your website by accident. The one with mp3's of your father.

Mazal tov, mazal tov. I am listening as I write this email. I've sent your website along to one of my sons and my husband, also.



I recently heard an e-mail with Cantor Bazian singing and I was mesmerized. I began looking for a CD recording of his music so I can listen when I am out driving.I can listed to him on this site but I have be near the computer/What site can I find his CD recordings.I have tapes of Yossele Rosenblatt made many years ago so there must be recordings made by Cantor Bazian.
Howard Tepper


Just to say how uplifting it has been listening to Chazan Bazian. I am a Chazan in London and my father a'h and brother a'h were Chazonim.

Such beautiful and warm Chazonus.


Nathan Gluck

Please check our website


Sorry to write you on Rosh Hashana but I stumbled across your website but I was wondering if you had a CD available of this Chazzan, your father? I'm a 35 year old guy whose grandparents were holocaust survivors and this singing brought tears to my eyes. This would make a great gift for my father as he also loves Chazzan singing. Looking forward to hearing from you and may you have a great New Year


There is something so soulful about your Fathers' singing that I decided to write you. I was never a big fan of Opera-like Cantors, and always enjoyed the Chazzanish feeling that only certain people could elicit. However, I would love to hear and purchase some of Cantor Bazians' works without any background music. Is it available at all? Please let me know. Best wishes to you and yours' for a "gut gebensht yur".

Allan Cohn
Brooklyn, NY



I only became aware of your father because Aish used a portion of his Rachamana D'anei for their Rosh Ha-shanah Internet film. I am grateful for this website, and the magnificent music that you have posted on it. As you must be aware, this kind of Chazzanut is rapidly disappearing from the world. Most modern Jews no longer understand prayer, and most Chazzanim follow the rabbinic dictum that "one has no obligation to instruct people in that which they cannot understand."

Your father's heartfelt prayer brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. He reminds me of no one so much as the Chazzan with whom I grew up in Los Angeles, who may have been known to your father--Allan Michelson, z'l. Cantor Michelson's singing left an indelible impression that continues to reverberate in my being, and which resonates on those rare occasions when I am privileged to hear true prayer "from the depths".

Your father is a real master. I wish him many good years Biz Undert Mit Tzvantzig Yohr.



Rabbi Alan Green
Senior Rabbi
Shaarey Zedek Congregation
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Dear Ben,

My name is Roberta ##### and I live in Skokie, Illinois. I was sent the two-minute movie of Hurricane Katrina and Rosh Hashanah by a friend tonight, and as I sat and listened, I told my husband that I knew the voice singing. My husband saw the excitement and wonder and absolute amazement on my face and said, "How do you know the voice?" I didn't have to think very hard."

I remember you Ben, but you were a little boy when I lived in Flushing and davened at Shaare Tefila. Will you please tell you father than Roberta ######, Harry ####'s daughter, was THRILLED to hear his gorgeous voice. It was especially thrilling before the Hagim. There has never been a year, since I left New York in l970, that I don't close my eyes, and hear your dad singing, no matter who the Chazzan is. When Sara and Sam lived here, we davened together, and Sara and I would always talk about how much we missed your father's magnificent voice. I did not know ANYTHING about his background or your family until I read your website. It is well done and hearing your dad's voice again has been such a thrill.

I hope you family is well and wish you a happy, and healthy New Year. This movie your dad made is reaching people Jewish and non-Jewish throughout the world. It is a gem--a real treasure. Having heard it, I can now begin my holidays with a little of my girlhood brought back.

With many good wishes to you and your family,



I received a clip from 'aish' with your father singing 'rachmono' in the background, since then I have gone into your sight and listening to him all afternoon, he brings me to tears and have forwarded it further.

A true great 'amulige' chazzan!!
Leizer Morawiecki
london u.k.



I've just visited your website dedicated to your father and his music, and found his recordings incredibly beautiful. Are any of the recordings still available?

Thank you for any information.

Julie Batz


Hi just letting u know what a beautiful site. And lovely singing. My late father would have loved to hear that .He died last year, if only I found it before he died.



Hi Ben,

I stumbled across your web site after a long search for good chazzanut downloads. Your father's sweet and warm voice remind me of my favorite chazan , Leibel Glantz.  I immediately sent the link to all my friends and family.

May he have the gezunt to continue inspiring and uplifting his congregants and listeners.

Yossi Solomon
Los Angeles, California.


Hi! First of all I have to tell you how much I enjoy watching the concerts you posted on the website.They are all absolutely terrific. The ones I enjoyed the most are the ones that Cantor Bazian performs with Moshe Stern and David Bagley. I wanted to ask you if it would be possible for you to make me copies of these two concerts, I would be willing to reimburse you for the costs. Please let me know either way.

Thank you very much,

Chesky Milstein


What enthralling music! Thank you! Best, Uri Hitch


Dear Ben Bazian,
After I came across your fantastic website, I enjoyed many hours of listening to your father's heart-moving hazzanuth.
I myself am practicing hazzanuth as a hobby, and I should tell you that very few hazzanuth lovers here in Israel have heard about Moshe Bazian. In my congregation, there are not many hazzanuth lovers. Nevertheless, on last Pessach (24/5/05) I was the ba'al tefila at shul (for shacharit), and since I pray in hazzunish style I performed your father's L'Keil Boruch (which is my favorite). You should have witnessed the silence at shul; even the constantly being noisy children had gone silent. It really felt like Ma'amad Har Sinai in a certain manner... and it tells a lot about the quality of jewish soul singing of your father, that can reach people that were never reached by hazzanuth before. Some did came to me after the tefila to say that although they do not like hazzanuth at all, they were truly touched by that masterpiece.
So again - thanks for the website and the great content, and a happy & kosher Passover.

Shai Weiss


Hi Ben,

I am very much enjoying your website, especially the videos of the concerts.  When do you think you will have the opportunity to upload the second  half of the "November 11 1984 " concert.



Nicely done. Moshe JACOBS


this is Moshe Shalfrok from the old Etz Chaim..(1982 -1992).I cant believe i found this site of yous with music from the Chazan.i LOVE him and the chazons is great and brings back fond memories .Please convey him my best regards and warm wishes.I was and always will always be a big fan of his.He's A GREAT chazan and hes a great mentsh.
Moshe Shalfrok 


I have just been introduced to your site and felt that I must tell you of the enjoyment that it has already given me. My father O'H was a choirmaster for over 50 years and I was priviledged through him, to know many of  the great Chazanim. Unfortunately I had not heard your father before but I  feel that your web site is very special, allowing everyone access to his great chazzonus and it is also a tremendous kibbud av.

Wishing you every success with it in the future. K'siva vechasima tova.

Bernard Leigh
London UK